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Oct. 13th, 2007



EY HEYYYY! :) I just found out about this community! Let me introduce myself firsttttt.

Name is Xin, Im 18 this year
Currently studying in Diablo Valley College, that's in California, Pleasant Hill
I'm studying in the college so as to transfer to a univerisity after I get 60 units and above 
Basically living in a apartments (mostly rented to students)

You know what? I am the ONLY Singaporean in the school I think. Hahaha I hang out with Indonesian Chinese because my boyfriend is one (and I met him in Singapore not in USA).

Basically California is a nice place-- can never get too cold! always sunny. But the living expenses is REALLY high here. Hate it. hahaha.

Looking for any Singaporeans studying in california? or any other nationality too! Ex-Singaporeans. anyone! ahahah and advice on which university is good for business (bsides UC berk) :D:D 

Apr. 14th, 2007



Hello! and help?

Hi everybody!

My name is Han, and I have recently graduated with a law degree from the University of Melbourne. I'm currently doing a graduate diploma in legal practice to gain admission to practice as a solicitor in Victoria.

The thing is, I would very much prefer to live and work in the US. My dream has been to work in Silicon Valley, and I would like to ask LJers here whether there's anyone currently living or working in California, and whether they have any advice about what to do?

Thank you all!

Mar. 27th, 2007




The community seems a bit quiet, but I think it's the only one of its kind that I've found, so I decided to take some time and introduce myself :)

I'm 21 this year and from Singapore like everyone else here. I'm currently an Illustration major at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States. I've been through quite a bit since coming here, but I don't regret leaving Singapore at all. It's been very educational :)

Right now I live on my own in a rented apartment and just got myself a nice Toyota Corolla a month ago. The driving test here is a lot easier than in Singapore so I chose to wait till I got here before learning how to drive. And driving is so much a part of everyone's lives, at least in the smaller cities and suburbs here, that driving licenses are used as ID cards anywhere in the states.

I had some difficulty adjusting at first, but I think finally I've grown to love where I've settled. I was very shy when living in the dorms my first year and kind of holed myself in during part of my second, but now (almost 3/4 through my 2nd year) I have finally managed to feel at ease and comfortable here. There aren't a lot of Singaporeans here; in fact I believe I'm one of the only ones. The closest I got was this girl who is Indonesian but lived in Singapore for a while. So at first I would feel more self-conscious than usual, but it was a learning experience. Most people in Columbus are ang moh or black, some hispanics, and minority are Indians and Asians.

However, I just came back from a gorgeous Spring Break in NYC where I volunteered for my college, in a small Catholic church/school, St. Nicholas of Tolentine. I learned a lot about life, friends, and even some of my academic work as well over the trip... and I learned to treasure the great time I have here that my college has provided. Art students are so crazy and fun :D

So yes! I'm enjoying myself here, and will be back in Singapore this december with my boyfriend :) To show to the 'rents, lol.

Mar. 5th, 2007

le macarons


the dumpling connection...

happy BELATED new yr!  from the interns in Virginia!

since its tradition that binds us, 6 koreans , 1 hongkong-er (?) & 1 singaporean, together, we thought it would be fun and kinda meaningful to make dumplings together to celebrate. it was hilarious.. we had pork & beansprouts & tung hoon & onions stuffings.. basically whatever bit of ingredients we remember our mothers using, we stuck it in there.. was a odd mix but extremely yummerooos!!! =) and and the different wrapping styles: there was dim-sum style, korean style, curry-puff style dumplings of the same fillings all lumped into one!!! 

fantastic dumplings, heaps of soy sauce, a house filled with friends & a cachaphony of various asian language.. purrfect end to a stressful week at work! =) 

next on asian menu: glutinous rice-cakes!



One of them mod says, HELLO!

You guys probably thought I was dead or something. In fact, I was extremely busy with my life and still is. However, I've decided to make my short debut post in sgoverseas on this day!

A little introduction about myself!

You can pretty much tell my name from my username. It's Elaine, and I'm 20 going on 21 end of this year! Like majority, I'm from Singapore! Currently (temporarily for 3 more years) residing in Adelaide, Australia. Yeap yeap, it's the same state where our other lovely mod , starxstyle, is residing too! :D

I stay in a private student hostel, a humble en-suite double share room with my boyfriend. Lucky for us, it's an en-suite - there's toilet! Other than that, the common kitchen and common room (aka entertainment corner) is shared. The bus stop is a 3 mins run, 5 mins brisk walk, 12 mins slow walk away. It's a 20-30 min (depending on the senseless traffic) bus ride to the front gate of the school, which also brings to where I am studying! There are 3 uni's in South Australia, Adelaide. Flinders University, University of South Australia & lastly, University of Adelaide! I'm studying in the latter, majoring in Accountancy!

I can't remember doing anything fun here except for getting nearly drunk in my room with my boyfriend because we were challenging each other on who will be the first to regurgitate!

Oh and another was when I was at this beach (Henley beach for those who know), enjoying the breeze in the car, windows fully wound down, with the boy. And suddenly we were bird shit attacked!! The wind was SO strong that it swept the freshly produced atomic bomb literally across my bf's FACE (LOL!!) and my jacket (oh yes, u bet I threw it away). Shucks, and the bird could stare at me innocently! *mutters under breath*


I cook, and I have to say that I cook well! HAHAHA. I'm a nonya you see. Anyway, I don't have pictures of what dishes I've done because people would think I'm a psycho taking pictures while cooking! I will try, if I really do remember grabbing my cam along!

I will entrust starxstyle with the picture taking & posting job because I'm ALWAYS rushing for classes and will be way too tired right after school (READ: 8am-6pm mon-fri is sick). I will try my best to post some pictures when I can find time to do so, which I doubt will be soon!

OKAY, see you guys around! & sorry for the terrible chunk of words! *GASPS*

Feb. 13th, 2007


Adelaide in the Summer

A getaway from everything city-like. The first day was very much Amazing-Race Like. Made my way to Darling Harbour at 0530am in the morning. The streets were mostly empty, with some drunkards struggling to walk. Oh yes, I never saw that much puke in my entire life. The grounds of Darling Harbour were filled with spilled alcohol and the smell was reeking. I admire those workers trying their best to make the place look presentable in the morning. It was Australia Day Celebrations the night before.

Using my morning blurry brain, I noticed a sign that indicates no fruit is to be be brought into all states except QLD. Perhaps because the fruit inter-state is poisonous and filled with foreign bacteria? Ignored that and proceeded to sit and watch the planes take off.

I didn't sleep a wink on the plane, which is highly unusual. Neither did I sleep the night before. Upon reaching Adelaide's airport, scooted out of there asap just in case some dogs smelled fruit and come barking after. That would be hyper embarrassment plus a 2k fine. Got to Thrifty Car Rental and woahla, an expired licence and lost licence = no licence. Using desperate measures, I called cousin 1 to come pick us up. Thank God everyone in the house was awake otherwise cousin 2 would probably have screamed at me. We were stranded for half an hour before we got picked up.

Carless, we took a simple map and began to plan what's next on the agenda. Waiting for the public bus at the airport was quite refreshing. The air was chilly, crisp and fresh, unlike Sydney's. The temperature must have been around 20 or so. I found out the bus ticket was similar to Melbourne's. It's small, compact and you had to "validate it"...which I found kinda weird. If you bought a ticket, obviously you'd want to use it, why keep it for another time? We did not validate it because we didn't know at first. If conductors had come on board, we'd have been fried.

Central Markets was our first stop. It's nothing like Sydney's Paddy Markets. Instead of Asian grocers yelling "1 DOLLA 1 DOLLA" there was more space to walk around and no yelling. European grocers filled the market with products like cheese, sausages & other European produce. It was very very nice. We had lunch at a small food court and proceeded to the information office. The city was extremely quiet and spacious. Honestly, I wouldn't even know it's the city if not for some/few high-rises. After running through bus timetables and 20 brochures or so, I was forced to call a friend. We then toured around the city area and had a coffee to keep ourselves awake.

Then we headed to Botanical Gardens which is quiet, plenty of plant variety and there is a rainforest! It felt a bit strange walking in the middle of summer in a light jacket and still feeling the cold but I managed.

We got the car off a friend at the Irish Murphy's and drove to Victor Harbour via Glenelg (the only town where you can backwards and still get the same word). The wind was blowing extremely fiercely on the pier so we couldnt' walk to the end of it. There were no waves, and I'm not sure if there ever will be any big ones. I like Glenelg beach even though that day was cold and gray.

I had my first nap in the car and when we got to Victor, a hot bowl of tom yum soup was necessary. The next phase of the "race" was probably the worst yet. Looking for accomodation was such a horrid job. We must have dialled approximately 10 places and ran on our feet to another 10, but every single place was booked out. There was only a single bed available. After hunting for more than an hour, we head to Granite Island on foot. Imagine crossing the Singapore-Johore Causeway on foot with chilly winds blowing at 115knots/hr. It's not even high walls on the sides, I could have been blown away just like THAT.

Despite the cold and windy front, Granite Island at 2100 was a spectacular of penguins, water rats and possums. One penguin was already building its nest in Jan when it is supposed to begin building in May. Globalwarming was the first thing that popped into my head. After Granite Island, we had no choice but to drive back to Adelaide at 2230. Between 1130 and 0100, everything was a blur as every single place we approached was booked out. Finally landing something at a Pakistani tended motel. Slept dead like sheep.

When we woke the next morning, the first thing we had to do before dropping off the car was to find accomodation for the night. Shakespeare's International Backpackers, I recommend it. They had a larger than usual tv and it was quite clean. Sunday involved Adelaide Hills - Handorf and Mount Lofty PLUS the men's Australian Open finals. It's unbelievable how friendly people in Adelaide are. A security bouncer happily turned up the volume so we could watch the match, an old lady approached us to help with directions to Handorf and a special bus service was called upon to cater to us and 2 other German tourists. Driving us up and down the loft, and making sure we'd catch the next bus back into the city. It was incredible.

After which the rest of the week included shopping with my cousins, keeping out of the averaging 38deg heat and just taking it all in.

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Adelaide - City of ChurchesCollapse )

Jan. 31st, 2007



Hello lovelies!

Good morning lovelies! I've been lurking around in sgoverseas, but I've decided to come out and introduce myself. I'm currently on exchange at Uppsala University, Sweden. I've been here since August 2006, and I will return to Singapore at the end of June this year.

So far, I've been adjusting well. I love the fact that I can actually see the wide open sky here because back in Singapore the skyline is always obscured by the skyscrapers. It's the middle of winter now, but it hasn't really been snowing. The temperature hovers between -3 to -17 on cold days, but it is not that cold unless there are strong winds.

I think I've babbled on enough. Here are some picture I took in the past 6 months. Enjoy!

Land of MeatballsCollapse )



A shout out to everyone. A brief introduction - I go to Sydney University. Been in Sydney for almost 4 years. I've finished all lessons at uni itself, that's official as of last week. The only thing left is a final essay. I do management in an asian context. I'm very glad that school's almost out. What's next for me? I'm currently doing a little domestic travelling up and down the eastern coastline. Then hopefully, sometime in the not too distant future, I'd be able to find a real job.

What do I miss about SG? All my friends and family, plus who could resist the local delicacies? Definitely NOT the weather and mosis though.

What do I love about Sydney? The weather, Turkish bread, Korean bibimbap, Indonesian homemade food, Bondi/Coogee/Cronulla beaches, events galore & much more.

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Here's a few shots I took of my resident areaCollapse )

Jan. 30th, 2007


(no subject)

Hello folks!
Yes it's meee again ;p
Just doing another post following dear tiara's suggestions =D

I,unfortunately unlike most of the lucky souls in the forum,don't have a maid.this is cause my parents think my brother and i are old
enough to do all the work ourselves and don't need anybody to take care of us.Of course,credit for the most work done around definitely goes to my mum.
Queen of the house.LOL.
Anyway, after I left for australia I really got into the mode of baking.Ermmm people who knows me will be overdosed by my cheesecake and tiramisu.cause
those are my favourite things to bake! Ohhh! Chocolate chip cookies too! =D heeheehee
So you know...if you're in melbourne and you know me,good luck to you! =P 

My best friends in melbourne city has to be my friend from msia,May whom I met at school, and my housemate Pattttttttt who's a singaporean =)
I live in an apartment with two other singaporeans and one msian.I'm the youngest in the house and we all get along really well.
One of them is a health freak,hence movitating the rest of us to go to the gym LOL.I'm now a crazyyyy fanatic of Combat.

'enuff of my talking and time for the picture attack ;p

Jan. 29th, 2007



(no subject)

Hey everyone!

I've never cooked all my life without help (the maid always helped me) so I tried to organise a dinner party with my friends barely 3 days after I was here in Adelaide and this came out of it: Amateur cookingCollapse )

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